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Oak Smokehouse

Oak Smokehouse in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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Experience the epitome of barbecue excellence at Oak Smokehouse, an unmissable destination situated in the heart of Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. As a culinary haven for barbecue enthusiasts, Oak Smokehouse invites you to indulge in a smoky symphony of flavors, where passion for grilling meets a commitment to culinary artistry.

Oak Smokehouse prides itself on a menu that showcases a diverse selection of meats, thoughtfully marinated and smoked to perfection. From signature ribs to tender brisket, each dish is a testament to the art of slow-cooking and the distinctive flavor infusion that only oak wood smoke can provide.

The ambiance at Oak Smokehouse reflects a rustic charm, creating a welcoming environment for patrons to gather and relish in the communal joy of barbecue feasting. Whether you're celebrating with friends or enjoying a family meal, Oak Smokehouse ensures an atmosphere that resonates with the warmth and authenticity of true barbecue culture.

Strategically located in Al Khobar, Oak Smokehouse beckons you to savor a barbecue experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether you are a seasoned barbecue aficionado or a first-time grilling explorer, Oak Smokehouse promises a memorable journey into the heart of Al Khobar's thriving culinary scene, where every bite is a celebration of smoky bliss.

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  • Address : Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road, Al Hada, Al Khobar 34439, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
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  • Phone : +966 13 802 2282

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  • Saturday 13 - 1
  • Sunday 11:30 - 0
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  • Friday 13 - 1