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Khidmatik is a leading company providing a wide range of services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Established with the aim of meeting customer needs in various fields, it has become one of the most renowned and reliable companies in the market. Khidmatik specializes in CCTV installation, gypsum board installation, house cleaning, as well as providing security systems and plumbing services, among others, ensuring customer comfort and satisfaction.

CCTV Installation
Khidmatik offers comprehensive solutions for installing security cameras of various types, whether indoor or outdoor surveillance cameras. The team excels in selecting suitable systems for each location and ensures their professional installation to guarantee the highest levels of security and monitoring.

Gypsum Board Installation
The company provides gypsum board installation services in a distinctive manner that adds aesthetic and modern touches to homes and offices. The team is skilled and precise in executing various designs that cater to the client's tastes and needs.

House Cleaning
Khidmatik's house cleaning services cover all aspects ensuring the cleanliness and health of the home environment. High-quality equipment and cleaning agents are used to achieve the best results, with the team committed to meeting all client requirements in this field.

Security Systems
Khidmatik also offers advanced security system services, including installation of theft and fire alarm systems, as well as smart access systems. These systems are known for their modernity and high efficiency in ensuring maximum protection and security.

Plumbing Services
The company provides comprehensive plumbing services, including installation and maintenance of water and sewage networks. All work is carried out to the highest quality standards and using the latest technologies to ensure sustainability and efficiency.

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