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Hamidi Oud & Perfumes

Hamidi Oud & Perfumes in Sharjah, UAE

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Embarking on a journey that spans 54 years, Hamidi Oud & Perfumes embodies the vision and legacy of the Fakhruddin family. Our story began with the ambition to create a company that thrives not just for itself, but for every stakeholder involved. This ethos, instilled by our founder Mr. Fakhruddin Ji, underscores the importance of mutual benefit and strong partnerships. It's these foundational values that have propelled us forward, ensuring respect for all, impeccable customer service, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Seventeen years ago, we took a significant step by establishing Sterling Perfumes Industry. From modest beginnings, producing only 250 pieces daily, we have grown exponentially to manufacture around 250,000 units each day. Today, we proudly distribute our products to 92 countries, standing tall as one of the largest entities in the cosmetic world. Our success is a testament to the hard work, loyalty, and honesty of every team member, transforming a small seed into a towering tree of triumph.

The Essence of Hamidi Perfume

Hamidi Oud & Perfumes is derived from the word ‘Hamid’, symbolizing our commitment to crafting the most intricate and exquisite Oriental fragrances. Our brand is a homage to the mysticism of Arabic perfumery, catering to modern enthusiasts who cherish traditional values. Our extensive product range includes Pure Dehn El Ouds, Agarwoods, Mukhalats, concentrated perfume oils, water perfumes, deodorants, burning essences, and air fresheners.

Our sub-brands – Tayyib, Deluxe Collection, and Feah – further delineate our offerings, each bringing a unique aspect of Oriental perfumery to life. Hamidi Oud & Perfumes is not just about fragrances; it’s about celebrating the rich heritage and culture of Arabia. Our products are meticulously presented in ornate bottles and spectacular packaging, reflecting the beauty and elegance of our traditions.

A Future of Boundless Possibilities

As we look ahead, the future for Sterling Parfums and Hamidi Oud & Perfumes is filled with promise. We are committed to continuing our legacy of excellence and innovation in the world of oriental fragrances. Our journey, marked by significant milestones and unwavering dedication, is a testament to our enduring principles and vision. The sky is the limit as we strive to bring the finest fragrances to our global clientele, celebrating the timeless allure of Arabic perfumery.

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