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Carnival by Tresind

Carnival by Tresind in Dubai, UAE

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Nestled in the culinary landscape of Dubai, Carnival by Tresind stands as a testament to avant-garde gastronomy, transforming dining into an immersive experience. Situated in the vibrant DIFC district, this restaurant is a dazzling fusion of creativity, culture, and culinary expertise.

Carnival by Tresind redefines traditional Indian cuisine, presenting it with a modern twist that captivates the senses. The restaurant's vibrant and theatrical ambiance complements its innovative approach to food, creating an atmosphere where every dish is a celebration. The menu is an exhilarating journey through molecular gastronomy, where flavors are deconstructed, reconstructed, and presented in a way that surprises and delights.

The culinary artisans at Carnival by Tresind craft dishes that are not just visually stunning but also push the boundaries of taste. Each bite is a revelation, as familiar ingredients are transformed into something entirely new and exciting. The dining experience is heightened by the restaurant's commitment to exceptional service, ensuring that guests feel pampered and indulged.

Carnival by Tresind is more than a restaurant; it's a symphony of flavors, textures, and aromas that come together to create a culinary masterpiece. For those seeking a gastronomic adventure that transcends the ordinary, Carnival by Tresind promises an unforgettable journey into the world of modern Indian cuisine.


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  • Address : 66 312 Rd Unit P5-03/01 Level POD, The Buildings by Daman, DIFC, Dubai United Arab Emirates Dubai, UAE
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  • Phone : +971 52 242 4262

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  • Saturday 12 - 23:30
  • Sunday 12 - 23:30
  • Monday 12 - 23:30
  • Tuesday 12 - 23:30
  • Wednesday 12 - 23:30
  • Thursday 12 - 23:30
  • Friday 12 - 23:30